Say goodbye to unsafe and inefficient practices

A revolutionary solution for the dislodging of dry bulk cargo

See the DB1 Vibrotrim in action

The nature of dry bulk cargoes such as coal, soya and cement often resulted in cargo being ‘stuck’ to the inside hull of the ship and around structures such as ladders and hull ribs.

The standard practice to release this cargo is for Stevedores to dislodge manually. This practice, however, puts workers into highly hazardous environments using slow, manual techniques to dislodge cargo where the excavator bucket cannot reach.

The DB1 Vibrotrim provides a safer and more effective solution that removes the need for vulnerable pedestrian workers in the hold.

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Reduced risk from ROPA & FOPS or MOPS

No downtime waiting for Manual workers

Remove pedestrian workers from hazardous ship’s hold

Full discharge carried out by excavator operator

Vibrotrim always in place so no need for multiple lifts to attach

Reduced labour quantity